Lottery Algorithm for task scheduling in cloud computing

As a software engineering student, we were interested to do some researches on algorithms and the benefits of using them in cloud. time’s fly…. we did prove ourselves for some algorithms such as Lottery Algorithm plus ACO(Ant Colony Optimization) and forced ourselves to learn more. anyway,in the following you can read some portions of the paper:

Cloud computing as a pattern for distributed computing, are composed of large shrimp ask combined resources with the goal of resource sharing as a service, on the internet. Such resources as in memory, processor and services are always worth and more efficient use of these, is endless challenge. Hence the scheduling of tasks in cloud computing is very important that try to determine an efficient scheduling and source allocation. In fact, the goal is determining a processing resource from set of resources that a task needs for process, so that can process more jobs in less time. Scheduling system controls different functions in cloud system for increasing job completion rate, resource efficiency and in consequence increasing the computing power. In this study, we provide approach based on lottery algorithm to reach those goals with minimize make-span time. Simulation of proposed method is by “CloudSim” software.

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Study about Trsut level in WSN and an approach to management the battery energy of nodes

When we hear about universal communications and technologies promotion, unconsciously, distant borders and how confidence in this type of communication challenges the minds. The challenge of its kind in recent years, has been creating stable and unstable relations in the field of ICT.
We propose to review trust challenges of wireless sensor networks then we would like to present appropriate resolve for optimizing the battery life of sensors in which nodes communicate in a sensor network. In this paper, we tried to show better mechanism to optimize batteries in fields of medical, military and investigation laboratories. I believe that an important trusty field in WSN is the battery life of sensor node, because of financial issues for implementation phase. In fact, if we could prove this idea which management of sensor nodes with considering a special mechanism for saving energy of batteries, then it’ll be applicable in some areas such as space researches to finding life in other planets. Due to the previous essays about resolving the trust challenged, we considered to show different method for saving more energy to this case, we illustrated a combination of LEACH and SPIN algorithms, with little changes on them. here is my algorithm’s flowchart:

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Big Data: Social Media in Attendance or Betrayal

Fast development of smart devices and application encouraging more people to profit of mobile application. Despite the advantages of mobile application in different domain, participating in social networking and sharing personal information with unknown members bring privacy and security risk which most users are unaware about them. This paper address the effect of using social media in daily life. In this paper, we analyze and survey the mobile application risks from end users and cloud perspective. While technology allows us social networking that would have never been possible before for humankind, then it is time to leverage this capability to valuable life by more aware about the real concept of technology. The contribution aims to highlight efficiency uses of mobile application in business or daily life by focusing more on the security and privacy issues.

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Toward Secure and Effective Mobile Multimedia: Big Picture

The rapid growth of mobile data traffic has been widely recognized. Popularity of multimedia services like voice, video and audio streaming, social networks, even mobile payment and transactions have already shaped the expectations towards current mobile platform, infrastructure, and services. Cloud on-demand capability can be flexible, and cost effective way for mobile services while mobile device has limited resources. However, the coexistence between mobile multimedia and cloud computing should be well orchestrated to address the technical challenges arising in this domain. The terms of mobile cloud computing (MCC) point to combination of mobile devices, and cloud services for software (SaaS), platforms (PaaS), and infrastructure (IaaS). However, these service delivery model are vulnerable to range of security attack. In this study, we quickly browsing security and privacy concepts in the cloud assisted mobile multimedia system.

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راهبرد پیشگیرانه سیاست جنایی ایران در پیشبرد امنیت فضای سایبری

امروزه فنآوری اطلاعات ایجاد ارزشهای جدیدی را در جامعه باعث میشود، که حمایت از آنها نیازمند ضمانت اجراهای کیفری است. اما طبق اصول کلی حاکم بر سیاست جنایی، همواره پیشگیری و ارائه ی راهکارهای غیرکیفری موثرتر و سودمندتر از مبارزه و مجازات است. پیشگیری در جرایم سایبری، زمانی ثمربخش خواهدبود، که الگوهای پیشگیری سایبری به خوبی شناخته شوند و سیاستهای پیشگیرانه و اخلاقی بر مبنای آنها طرح ریزی شوند و بهاجرادرآیند. می توان امنیت را از دو دیدگاه مختلف بررسی کرد. اولی دیدگاه کاربران در فضای مجازی و دومی دیدگاه پلیس و قانون در همان حدود، ولی تعریف یک کاربر معمولی با یک کارشناس و محقق جرم شناسی از واژه امنیت می تواند متفاوت از هم باشند. از نظر یک کاربر حفظ حریم خصوصی ، از بین نرفتن اطلاعات ذخیره شده در دستگاه ها، عدم ورود شخص ثالث به محتوای شخصی ایشان، آلوده نشدن دستگاه با انواع برنامه های آزاردهنده و مخرب می تواند به معنای وجود امنیت باشد. درمقابل ، پلیس و قانونگذار با واژه امنیت مجازی گام هایی فراتر می گذارند و مسائلی ریزبینانه تر را مدنظر قرار می دهند.

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