Big Data on Mobile Multimedia

Toward Secure and Effective Mobile Multimedia: Big Picture

The rapid growth of mobile data traffic has been widely recognized. Popularity of multimedia services like voice, video and audio streaming, social networks, even mobile payment and transactions have already shaped the expectations towards current mobile platform, infrastructure, and services. Cloud on-demand capability can be flexible, and costeffective way for mobile services while mobile device has limited resources. However, the coexistence between mobile multimedia and cloud computing should be well orchestrated to address the technical challenges arising in this domain. The terms of mobile cloud computing (MCC) point to combination of mobile devices, and cloud services for software (SaaS), platforms (PaaS), and infrastructure (IaaS). However, these service delivery model are vulnerable to range of security attack. In this study, we quickly browsing security and privacy concepts in the cloud assisted mobile multimedia system.

TPA-secure data

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