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Cyber Security Analysis Experts

Everything that happens in virtual life makes affect our real-life, or maybe it’s reverse. anyway, we know the huge effects of the internet as a virtual and real aspect of life. in this post I’d not to talk about the internet and virtual life, other media have spoken much more before but I’m going to mention an important aspect of the internet which makes affect on our life, it is security analysis and all accidents within related it which we call cyber.

You know there may be vulnerabilities in each device, the organization even or on methods which may cause irreparable accidents therefore a person or a security group is needed to decrease breaches and threats. Let’s talk briefly about the types of breaches that may be occurring.

Cyber Security Vulnerability in Example

Consider you have signed up on the website of your financial account, you have permission to check out your financial cycle, money transferring, your credit cards, and paying the bills. you didn’t control your account by email or phone messages while you were on vacation. the first day after the vacation you can’t sign in to your account and after informing the bank about the flow and they will check and the result is that your account is being used by someone else in a remote place. This can easily happen in today’s internet-based world, and the reason is that many times the malicious thoughts are not behind the scenes and may cause of insecure password!

Insecure Password or No-password accounts/ Insecure URL / Insecure communication channel like public WiFi / not Safe browsers, applications,.etc are some of the undeniable vulnerabilities. there are so many factors related to cyber security I should discuss them may be on another post, here I must clarify some job positions in the field of security.

Cyber Security Related Tasks

1-Cyber security Analyst

Someone who manages a team to guide and evaluate the abilities, activities and logs mentioned. A person who, like team members, is expected to collect, analysis, process, and publish cyber security alerts. In relation to network monitoring, he is responsible for implementing security policies and implementing a plan to deal with potential threats.

2-Security Assurance

Analyzes gaps between existing regulations and controls. His duties include analyzing risk assessment, creating and collecting required documents, configuring reports, and managing user accounts.

3-Application Security

Test applications within an organization and highlight any vulnerabilities. The software life cycle, becomes more accurate and examines the organization’s feedback to improve the overall security of the system. He/She examines penetration testing methods by specific standards and explores vulnerabilities in client applications and standard applications.

4-Security Management

A security manager helps create and review security policy documents, provides more training on security awareness (among other training resources). Creates and offers news articles, communication emails, and deployment of security products. Provides tart continuity and improvement methods and researches overall security upgrades in enterprise networks.

5-Network Management

Network management includes participation in the development and creation of computer networks with regard to general security, integration, and management of networks in relation to switches, routers, firewalls, and other network entities in terms of security and responding to security alerts related to the network, including Identify the implementation, review, creation, and determination of information security requirements.

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