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The original idea of this website was to present my last submitted articles, but after a while my decision changed and I was assigned to record everything a novice researcher should know about preparing papers or maybe to find any co-author.

Here I want to talk about some of new born technologies in the field of data and security, in a different way than other sources, so that it may be useful for a number of science-seeking friends… first talk about near-emerging technologies. Everything that can be heard a lot in technology-based scientific web sites and other resources but with a huge difference! I’m going to write every topic which I have experience about them.

At last but not least, the needs of the current human life in the field of business, economics, medicine, agriculture, etc. are all issues that incidentally, have many challenges and in order to achieve them fully and without violation. As a computer science graduated, I have studied some of these areas and am learning more every day than the day before plus my attempt to take knowledge to my students. after a while we have cooperation in finding partners on research fields; step by step.

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