Being successful isn’t by chance or permanently, for touching that we must attempt to swallow it ! I’m not joking , believe me. If I try to get information in my favorite field (job/education/life style) frequently, one day in near future I’ll see myself between bunches of high confidence from others. do you know why?

Because when i’m talking about everything i learnt deeply, people can trust my information then I’ll be able to inspire and teach them! let me take an example: I was a lecturer in girls vocational college in Maragheh, after a while, I realized that students have very low self-esteem then at first I tried to learn them how to improve their thoughts for better real life beside educational life! If someone love herself, firstly will be able to increase the level of own life then the others. then I was trying to learn them how to improve the skills they might have even in a little amount. It took a while but one day I got a message from two of them about participating in a coding competition ! I was shocked but deeply was happy about this conclusion of my effort and their acceptance feelings.

that was the start of my activity to help students finding the right way , therefore in educational portion of life every science enthusiastic person could experience these emotions to getting start with a consultant and I’m here to bring good feelings of thinking ,researching, writing articles and so many related works. please feel free to contact me 🙂

We are the same success are seeking